Steal the Top 3 Permanent Weight Loss Hacks from my Successful Clients
Learn how to solve the age old question of how to lose the weight and keep it off without all of the drama. I have polled my most successful clients and will be spilling the beans on how they have the most success. You don't want to miss this training.

April 10th at 1pm Pacific or April 11th at 3pm Pacific

via Zoom

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 Now that we can Google the answer to anything, there is even more conflicting information out there which has you spinning in more confusion.
We'll address common myths like:

  • Perimenopause a death sentence to weight loss?
  • Is obesity passed down genetically, so I can't change?
  • Weight loss is simple, it's just calories in and calories out.
  • Carbs make you fat.

Come to this free webinar to get resolution on so many of these myths that keep weight loss complicated and frustrating.
"Since joining Dara's program I have lost 30 pounds but more importantly I have gained so much confidence in myself. Dara has provided me with an abundance of tools to learn how to not just lose weight, but manage my mind, solve my problems more effectively and see the world in a completely different way. I don't feel trapped by old patterns or old mannerisms anymore to cope with my life and I feel truly free, I am learning every time I take a class how to truly Love Myself. Thank you Dara!"
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