Summer Time Body Love
June 24 to 27 at 10am Pacific | via Zoom
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If you want to have fun this summer regardless of what your body looks like - this course is for you.
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My name is Dara and I am a weight loss coach who teaches you weight loss that you can’t google the answers for because you have to become your own expert at your own body.

You decide what kind of body you want and I help you achieve that goal because I connect the dots of how our brain (thoughts) and body (emotions) work together.

The most important thing you should know is that your worth as a human is not tied to the number on the scale. Learn this and you create freedom. 

Summer Time Body Love compares your instruction manual to the manual of your brand new sewing machine. How many of you get super excited about this brand new machine and everything you can make with it but struggle to figure out how to make it work?

Our bodies and brains are complicated. You grew up hearing other people say what is good or bad. Then you internalized their rules and subconsciously lived with all of these rules that you don’t feel like you have a say to or not. 

Day 1 (June 24th)
Understand how the brain works and where all of these self-sabotaging habits come from.
You will go down memory lane and discover how you picked up these unhealthy habits and figure out how to change these habits permanently.

Day 2 (June 25th)
Just like a sewing machine has buttons that perform specific functions, so does our brain.
However 95% of our thoughts are habits and when we learn how to recognize them and change them, we can create new ways to eat, shop or how to spend our time.

Day 3 (June 26th)
I will teach you 6 essential tools that will help you troubleshoot the daily challenges
that come from changing the old habits and creating new ones. When you optimize your brain you will be amazed at how much that changes your every day life: productivity, weight and overall happiness.

Day 4 (June 27th)
Learn to create your ultimate experience with yourself, your body and relationships.
Essentially how you can trust yourself to do what you say that you want to do. I love this tool you will learn because it helps me solve any problem I have. 

Meet Dara
Dara Tomasson is the secret weapon you never thought was available.

She has a deep understanding of what it takes to build a crafting business through anxiety and mental health challenges.

Dara has helped 100’s of women overcome their doubts, struggles and lifelong battles because she teaches them how to use their brains to their optimum use.

Dara went from being an elementary school teacher for 10 years, mom of 5, professional quilter and international teacher and author to life coach.

She knows about overcoming obstacles and making dreams reality. She not only makes dreams a reality she teaches women how to do it in their own unique way. Your unique self is celebrated as you learn these tools.
Frequently Asked Questions 

Do I have to purchase any supplements with your weight loss approach?

No. I approach weight loss from an emotional perspective primarily. I have recommendations of vitamins others way to support your health if you would like.

Do you have to come live to the calls?

No, but I encourage you to come live because you can take advantage of me teaching andno, but I encourage you to come live because you can take advantage of me teaching and ask questions at the same time. All the calls are recorded and will be sent to you.

Do I have to be on Facebook and in the Liberate group to get the most out of the master class?

No. It is helpful to be in there because I will show up and provide support, answer questions and help women there.

What if I have tried weight loss before and failed?

In my opinion the more attempts at failing weight loss the better when you look back and see WHY you haven’t been successful. You can now gather data for what works and what doesn’t for you as a unique human. I love diving into what has been your experience and how to finally see what is going on for you.

What makes your program different from the 1000’s of others out there?

I am so glad you asked. Weight loss is unique for each one of us because we view the use of food differently. The more you can see how you think about yourself (your worth and value) and food (self care, buffering, escape, reward) the clearer you will be about how you want to use food moving forward.I help members learn to become their own food and body expert. You will learn tools to change habits and create permanent changes.
You're in good company
See what Deb's life looks like now that she has learned what was really going on and has now dropped 80 pounds at 70 years old after 40 years of yo-yo dieting..
I feel so energized... I get more quilting projects done. I feel more at ease with my family and friends.  
 When I signed up for my first master course with Dara I wanted to be successful so badly but my whole life felt like one weight loss failure after another. I was convinced I couldn't be successful.

But as I slowed down and learned the basics I can see how much my life has changed. I have lost over 55 pounds in a year. I feel so energized. I don't need my wheelchair at quilting events. I get more quilting projects done. I feel more at ease with my family and friends.  
  - AMY  
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