May 2024 | Menopause Webinar
 May 8th, 15th, and 22nd at 1pm PT | via Zoom
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Join us for a 3-part webinar about menopause with two 7-day challenges in between!
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100% of all women will go through menopause at some point in their life. This experience is unique, however, there are so many confusing parts to the change that we don’t even know what they are or what to expect. In fact, there are many studies out there that 80% of doctors aren’t equipped to fully understand menopause and what is happening.

We all kind of know that hot flashes and belly fat gain are pretty common symptoms but there are up to 75-80 symptoms related to menopause that often go undiagnosed which means the real issues are going untreated and women are given diagnosis and medication that is not appropriate to the real issue.

This 3 day training is going to be supported by two (2) 7-day challenges where I will provide menu plans and support as we work through understanding our bodies. 

  Day 1 - get into specific details about what exactly is happening in our bodies and be able to answer so many questions.
Day 2 - collect data on your unique body and changes while learning a framework of self care during this new phase. We will discuss foods, movement, sleep, HRT, and fat/weight gain.
Day 3 - Here you will learn how to build confidence in your ‘new body’ which looks at hormones and mindset. You will also learn what it takes to truly become the woman you want to be. SPOILER ALERT: Losing weight is not a prerequisite to be happy.   
DAY 1 - MAY 8th at 1pm PT | via Zoom 
 The Basics of Menopause: 100% of women go through menopause so get in the know. 
Understanding what perimenopause, menopause and post-menopause are and how they affect your life.

The history of menopause.

How to talk about it and prepare yourself for the best experience even if you have already gone through the ‘change’.

We will answer questions like:

  • How do I know I am in menopause?
  • Why do I have such brain fog?
  • Why is my belly getting thicker when I haven’t really done anything different?
  • What can I do about my sleep?
  • Why is sex so different and uncomfortable?
  • I hate the way I see my confidence slipping away from me, what can I do?
  • My body odor is different?
  • What is up with all of these urinary tract infections?
  • My skin is changing and I don’t like it.
DAY 2 - MAY 15th at 1pm PT | via Zoom 
 Every Day Changes and Shifts to Make Your Life More Fun. 
Every single woman goes through menopause. It is an inevitable step of life and I don’t want you to miss out on being well versed.

You take so much time researching sewing machines, how to have a baby and vacations.

How much time have you spent on your own body and the phases/stages it goes through?

This webinar will be critical to your ability to take excellent care of yourself. I am here to help you along the way.

Come to the training prepared to learn and get ready for the 14 day challenge that will give you so much support in understanding:

  • your unique body
  • your unique menopause experience
  • support in creating a plan unique to you

    You can join my private Facebook group to keep the conversation going as you work through the workbook.

    You will learn practical tools for sleep, exercise/movement, communication, and what to do with that increasing belly fat.

    You will also receive some menu plans on how to ensure enough fibre, protein and fun stuff in between. 
    DAY 3 - MAY 22nd at 1pm PT | via Zoom 
    Create Identity Shifts and Building Self Confidence.
    How to change your identity and build your confidence as a woman going through these changes in your life.

    100% of women go through this change. The more educated and supported you are the more empowered you will show up in your life. 
    May 2024 | Menopause Webinar
    Day 1: May 8th 1pm Pacific
    Day 2: May 15th 1pm Pacific
    Day 3: May 22nd 1pm Pacific
    Join us for a 3-part webinar about menopause with two 7-day challenges in between!
    Meet Dara
    Dara Tomasson is the secret weapon you never thought was available.

    She has a deep understanding of what it takes to build a crafting business through anxiety and mental health challenges.

    Dara has helped 100’s of women overcome their doubts, struggles and lifelong battles because she teaches them how to use their brains to their optimum use.

    Dara went from being an elementary school teacher for 10 years, mom of 5, professional quilter and international teacher and author to life coach.

    She knows about overcoming obstacles and making dreams reality. She not only makes dreams a reality she teaches women how to do it in their own unique way. Your unique self is celebrated as you learn these tools.
    Frequently Asked Questions 

    What topics will the Menopause Webinar Series cover?

    The series will cover the stages of menopause including perimenopause, menopause, and postmenopause, the historical context, symptoms like brain fog, belly fat, sleep issues, changes in sex life, confidence, body odor, frequent urinary tract infections, and skin changes. We'll also discuss strategies for a positive experience through menopause.

    What are the dates and times for each webinar?

    Webinar 1: May 8 at 1 PM Pacific
    Webinar 2: May 15 at 1 PM Pacific
    Webinar 3: May 22 at 1 PM Pacific

    Is there a cost to attend the webinars?

    Yes, there is a minimal cost comparable to a Starbucks latte and treat. This fee covers all three webinars and access to the two 7-day challenges, along with menu plans and additional support.

    What if I miss a live webinar session?

    Recordings of each webinar session will be available to registered participants, allowing you to catch up if you miss the live session.

    Can you tell me more about the 7-day challenges?

    Sure! The challenges run from May 8-15 and May 15-22. They include daily tasks and support within our free Facebook group, focusing on practical aspects of managing menopause symptoms, such as weight loss science, mental health, and more.

    How can these webinars help me manage menopause more effectively?

    These webinars offer education on the physiological changes during menopause, practical advice on managing symptoms, and emotional support through community interaction. They aim to empower you to make informed decisions about your health and wellbeing during menopause.
    You're in good company
    See what Deb's life looks like now that she has learned what was really going on and has now dropped 80 pounds at 70 years old after 40 years of yo-yo dieting..
    I feel so energized... I get more quilting projects done. I feel more at ease with my family and friends.  
     When I signed up for my first master course with Dara I wanted to be successful so badly but my whole life felt like one weight loss failure after another. I was convinced I couldn't be successful.

    But as I slowed down and learned the basics I can see how much my life has changed. I have lost over 55 pounds in a year. I feel so energized. I don't need my wheelchair at quilting events. I get more quilting projects done. I feel more at ease with my family and friends.  
      - AMY  
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